June 18, 2008

Help Iowa City and Cedar Rapids

Lo these many years after when my parents moved to Iowa City from Massachusetts, which I fought kicking and screaming, did I ever think I would feel so proud to live in Iowa. It turns out Iowa is a pretty phenomenal place to live, work and attend college.

Aerials of Iowa City Flooding

So as you can imagine, it has been devastating to see images of my alma mater under water. The old art building, whose many twists and turns always hid some new and interesting student art. Hancher Auditorium, home to many a graduation ceremony, and presentations of modern dance concerts, Riverdance and Mamma Mia. The brand new, state of the art Adler Journalism building (significantly superior to Seashore Hall, where I took in my journalism training in an old psych ward). The English and Philosophy Building where I endured a hellish semester of Shakespeare with the meanest professor in the department, but also reveled in a WHOLE SEMESTER dedicated to Jane Austen.

Its horrible to see a place that holds so many fond memories in distress. Even worse, is Cedar Rapids. The area still under water is both the most historically significant in age of homes, as well as home to many low income families.

Its going to take a long time to rebuild in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, so I'm reaching out to anyone who went to a Hawkeye game, spent time in Iowa City for our wedding or just has fond memories of their collegiate years. There's lots of ways to help. Here's how:

Make a donation to the University of Iowa Relief Fund or the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation Flood 2008 Fund.

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