June 16, 2008

Photos from the flood

We spent the weekend putting the basement back in order. Lucky for me, I am now able to display our impressive collection on tonic water. We purchased all of the liquor and mixers for our wedding reception, and the caterer was ADAMANT about how much tonic water we needed. So my brother Dane bought a ton, a ton was used and a ton is leftover 13 months later. If you invite me to your house, I will bring the tonic water.Some things in our basement were destined for the Salvation Army before the flood. This handy dandy cap gun, courtesy of my friend Mary is not one of those items. Every time I move, I pull it out, shoot a few rounds of caps and then place back in the box with kickboxing gloves, three tiaras, red cowboy boots and "rhinestone cowboy" sunglasses. This is the part we haven't done yet--clean the walls where all the water came in. Actually it came in from a number of walls and crevices, but this room is a repeat offender.

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Jennifer said...

I've been doing the same thing! Cleaning the basement that is. My house now smells like a swimming pool.