June 26, 2008

Rider family wedding

Last weekend we went to Geneva, NY, home of the Belhurst Castle, for my cousin Duncan's wedding. It was the third wedding in as many years for the Rider family and we had a great time. I just wish we'd had a little more time, especially go out on Seneca Lake and just with family in general. Here are the newlyweds:Amy pulled off a great surprise that she held for nearly a year--a bagpiper to honor Duncan's Scottish MacQueen roots played nearly all of the songs for the ceremony and during the receiving line. Since they live in Portland, the bagpiper played over the phone so she could hear him prior to the wedding. Between the ceremony and reception we found some fun things. Geneva is part of New York's wine country and this stand on the lake sells wine ice cream. Anthony had the chardonnay ice cream. They did not ask for his ID. And Zoey entertained us by getting under the bed in our room and rough housing. She's such a ham.

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