August 15, 2008

Off-Registry Wedding Gifts

We have a wedding Labor Day weekend and I haven't yet found where they are registered. That got me thinking of some of our favorite off-registry wedding gifts.

1) Gift certificate to 801 Grand Steak & Chop from Mollie. It was a great meal at a great restaurant. Plus we used it the Saturday night of the great flood of 2008, so it was wonderful to enjoy top notch service and tasty food when we had worked so hard the three days prior.
2) Engraved cocktail glasses with a letter C from Anthony's cousins Sharon & Thad and their families. Who doesn't love something personalized?
3) Ditto on the personalized stepping stone from Laura and Barry (I will post a picture when I put it in the garden, which involves doing some landscaping). It has our last name and a beautiful green shamrock.
4) A framed photograph of a landscape in Montana from Camby & Joe. They know where a part of my heart lies.
5) Waterford heirloom wine goblets from Anthony's siblings. Irish and very special.
6) A basket with homemade wine and kitchen treats.
7) A 12 bottle wine refrigerator from my brother Dane. Never would have purchased it on our own, but we LOVE having it.

I'm sure I'll think of some more, but these all brightened our day.

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