September 26, 2008

Good design & marketing

I love M&Ms. They are my favorite candy, followed closely by snickers and twizzlers. I eat them from the vending machine at work and I always, always buy them at the holidays. I think Mars does a truly great job of continually changing the look of the product without ever really changing the product. Every year they tweak one of the holiday colors or add a new kind. Offering the Susan G. Komen ones was genius to me, hello? Chocolate and women!This year they change the fall ones (normally orange and brown) to a ghoul mix, which has orange, black, purple and green. Just a small change, but it keeps you guessing and wondering what you will see next time you buy special M&Ms.

The bowl above is the barclay bowl from Crate & Barrel. We have three of them and I use them whenever I entertain or want to display something. I love the shape and heft of them. Plus, they hold quite a bit!

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