November 23, 2008

Home again, home again

Oh, it feels so good to be home. We had a wonderful, wonderful trip. Seems like we've been gone for months. So much to see and do. I've uploaded pictures, but its going to take me awhile to sort through them. I'll do a day-by-day recap of the trip, but for now I will leave you with these things I learned on the trip.

1) Very, very few public toilets in Rome have toilet seats. Yuck. Seriously, how expensive is a toilet seat? Is there a black market for toilet seats? Are they somehow offensive to Romans?
2) A printed copy of your passport is more than a good idea, its a great idea. I accidentally threw away our tickets for picking up our stored luggage at Rome's Termini Station (bus, rail, metro. etc.). But....I had a print out of our passports in my stored bag and we were able to show our actual passports along with the print out to prove they were our bags. Whew...
3) Always let your server in Sorrento present you with a fantasy of vegetables (otherwise known as antipasti or cold grilled vegetables). Watch out when he starts passing out the limoncello.
4) Its nice when your hotel has a resident cat.
5) European trains are a heavenly way to travel. Warm, cozy and you don't have to drive. Lovely.
6) Italian game shows are hilarious.
7) Its totally normal to eat horse in Switzerland. You can buy it at a butcher or at the grocery store. It tastes like dried beef or prosciutto.

8) Fly Swiss Air whenever possible.