November 6, 2008

Layers baby!

So the weather in Italy and Switzerland will be a bit schizophrenic. It will be in the 60s/70s for parts of our trip (Rome and Sorrento), 50s/60s for other parts (Florence and Venice) and potentially rainy or at least damp (Venice and Basel, Switzerland). So for clothes, its all about the layers baby.

I got three of these scoop neck ts from Old Navy in this color, white and grey. Very soft, comfy and easy to wash in a hotel sink.
I also got this Gap turtleneck, which is similar to a grey and black turtleneck that I'm also taking.
I'm mixing and matching these shirts with a black dress, one pair of jeans, one pair of black pants, a black cardigan, a pink sweater and two scarves. Red paisley goes with stripes, right?

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