November 24, 2008

Roma Day 2

On the second day, it rained.

We decided to head to the Vatican Museum on our second day in Rome. Good thing, because it poured buckets. November was such a phenomenal time to go to Italy (no crowds, reduced rates on hotel and airfare) and for the most part, the weather was fantastic (60s and 50s). We slipped right in to the Vatican Museum with no line, something that can not be said during other times of the year.

The Vatican Museum is enormous and HUGE. So much to see. As you wander through it, you experience the history of the Christian world through unbelievably amazing art. You walk through various eras and types of art which can easily capture your attention for hours on their own, ultimately ending up in the Sistine Chapel. It is hard to take pictures however since the flash damages the frescoes and other painting.

These were some of the ones I was drawn to. A well light fresco in a hallway and a marble design in the floor a sculpture gallery.

A word about rude people in Sistine Chapel.

You absolutely, positively can not take a picture in the Sistine Chapel for the aforementioned reason: it will ruin and fade a great masterpiece. Also, the room is huge, it is a chapel meant for reverential pause and it is quite poorly lit. Which means Mr. and Mrs. Rude Tourist from many nations that the picture you take surreptitiously will look like crap. Actually, it will looked like muted dog crap. So buy a postcard in the gift shop outside the chapel and don't be a scummy, art-ruining dirt bag.

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