April 20, 2009

To-Do List, Take 45,789

Time for a new to-do list! Putting these words out there for others to see makes them real, plus my parents are coming this weekend to help with some projects.

Kitchen Wallpaper is removed and almost all the wallpaper glue has been removed. Next up:
-Thermoplastic back splash
-Walls need to be skim coated, textured, primed and painted Chinese Lacquer Red
-Sell the small square table in the breakfast nook and replace with a dresser + a kitchen cart or something else TBD
-New curtains, courtesy of my mother. I really love these ones.-I'd like to pick up one of these for indoor recycling storage

Living Room-just need to do some rearranging, etc. We need to:
-Find a couch!
-Move all personal photos to a wall, possibly somewhere in our stairway to the upstairs. I'm going to try hanging with these
-Move pictures above couch and paint something above where couch will be. I'm thinking a sunburst or something like this, minus the mirror. picture from here.

Front Hallway-just need to paint it the same red as the kitchen, hang some pictures and curtains.

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