April 17, 2009

What I Wore Poetry

In doing this Friday feature, I've come to realize a few things about myself and my clothes:

  1. If I really like something, I have no problem wearing it often and weekly
  2. Some of my wide legged pants do not photograph well, which has made me wonder if they look any good on me but I can't tell since they don't photograph well
  3. I should probably wear make-up more often-ish
  4. Some of my clothes don't fit or look they way I think thought they did. This jacket is from a suit I bought when I first started working. I don't wear it that often, but having a picture of it makes me realize how dated the collar is. I still like the jacket and it fits me well, but I kind of feel like I'm in a post-Walsh family 90210 episode.
Stayed for the conclusion of Def fashion poetry jam.

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