June 16, 2009

Kitchen Organizing

I've been putting my $$ where my mouth is and doing some kitchen organizing. This shelf is way convenient for pots and pans, every day fiesta ware serving pieces, fruit, recycling and outdoor entertaining stuff.
This is the cart that had been in the living room holding shoes and hats, now its my rolling kitchen cart/booze station. We are getting a hutch from my parents that used to be in my grandparents house. That's where those other serving pieces will go, along with china and extra wine glasses. Note my Electrolux Ergorapido. It is an awesome dog hair fighting machine.

The cookbooks I don't use as frequently are above the doorway between the kitchen and dining room.


beartifix said...

OMG! I have that same Electrolux Ergorapido! It's perfect for dog hair. Love it.

Jennifer said...

Cookbooks above doorway = so smart! I have exactly two cookbooks to my name and now I want I put them above the doorway too.

Also, I really like your lead sentence. Writing rules.