June 12, 2009

What I Wore: Kooky Photo Edition

Last week Jennifer and I were told by a kindly security guard that no photos could be taken of the interior lobby and exterior of our building, so we moved things to a conference room. Its not like we haven't been taking these pictures for awhile...

jacket: H&M
tank: Express
jeans: ON
sandals: Nickels
cardigan: target
white tank: ON
skirt: ON
sandals: Nickels

I really love this skirt a lot, but I struggle with tops to pair it with. They need to be close fitting and while I'm not afraid to wear a pattern, I don't have any that seem to work. Ideas? Let me know!
top: Marshalls, not sure the brand
jeans: Gap trouser, so hard to photograph
sandals: AE
top: Sundance, gift from parents
jeans: Alloy
sandals: AE
necklace: Express

Since you can never see my jewelry, here are some close ups.So I actually started the day wearing the belt like so:But then I had four pieces of pizza (square shaped!) and brownie for lunch and my ribcage just couldn't abide by it, so I had to take it off. And actually, I'm thankful for it since I ended up liking the outfit better without the belt. I'd gotten dressed so fast, I didn't put enough thought into the silhouette.

belt: Target
tie-dye tank: Express
cardigan: Old Navy
jeans: Gap bootcut
work inappropriate sandals: American Eagle Outfitters

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