June 19, 2009

What I Wore to Work

This weather is about to put me over the edge. I tried to compensate with color and patterns.Another day when I was running for the door and threw on a top that didn't quite go with the pants. Normally I'd wear this shirt with straight pants.

top: Forever 21

cardigan: J. Crew Jackie

capris: Old Navy

polka dot flats: Steve Madden

dress: Banana (all empire waist dresses should be weighted at the bottom)

lace camisole: Old Navy

jacket: Gap outlet

necklace: Target

flats: Steve Madden

These pants are what I should have worn Monday. Except I just bought them on Tuesday night after realizing they were just what I needed. I never shop at New York & Co, but I found these there when I was pulled in to try on this dress. Very cute and fit me right, but I think the colors should be reversed from top to bottom. Too dark near my face with such a light color at the bottom.

top: Izod, found at this awesome mall in Portland, OR. its flippin huge

capris: New York & Company

sandals: American Eagle

necklace: some shop in Lake Forest, IL

Yes, its a tunic/shorty dress over jeans. So what, I still like the look. And there's no way I can wear it as a dress.

top: Forever 21

jeans: DKNY soho bootcut

sandals: Steve Madden

Yay Friday! Too hot for jeans and I have a long car ride coming up, so I wanted to be comfy.

top: Gap

skirt: 4 in 1 coverup from Target. So great, you should get one!

velvet flip flops: Ann Taylor Loft

necklace: bought in Sorrento, Italy

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