July 23, 2009

Contemplating Fall Colors @ Anthro

We had a bout of cool weather in the last week, making me think a little bit about fall clothes. I think fall is the best time to come up with interesting outfits. You can mix and match between seasons, lots of good layering options and I love fall colors best of all.

Each season I come up with a sort of game plan for what kinds of outfits I plan to wear. Not that I have to purchase new things (though often I do get some new pieces), but I survey what I have and how I plan to wear those them. I read InStyle, and look online to see which colors and trends on are tap for fall. Usually I pick up at least one new sweater (but not in August-I've been burned too many times by seeing those pieces on sale two months later). Right now I'm just processing ideas, but I liked these pieces.

Gentle current sweater, embroidered embers top, Christelle scarf, pair of pansies headband and opaque tights.

One trend I'm not at all excited for? Buffalo plaid. Yuck. I just don't think it is flattering.

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