July 29, 2009

Like Putting a Bell on a Toddler

The Kaltsas family brought two dog toys when they came down for my birthday. One was eviscerated soon after entering our home, the other has become my favorite toy for when I can't keep both eyes on Micky. Both dogs love this toy, but Micky especially likes to make it squeak. I love it because I can be doing dishes or starting to cook and I know he isn't getting into any trouble.


beartifix said...

Wallace has the same exact toy. Only the squeaking gets really annoying when we are trying to read or watch TV. But he gets a kick out of it.

MsAmanda said...

I put it away after 10 minutes (on top of the kennel where he can't see it). I let them have it for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes when I get home from work.