August 5, 2009

Dear Gordito

As I write this, you are sleeping downstairs, drowsy from breakfast but safe from Micky's prying tongue (at least for a few hours). I've been trying to tell you for the past few weeks, but I don't think you realize Rachel, Bill, William, Ellen and Andrew on coming home from London. They are so excited to see you and I know you will be too when you figure out what's up.

I just want to take a few moments to tell you what a blessing it has been to have you here for the past 11 months. You are such a funny, goofy boy. You make me laugh all the time and you've been a constant, faithful companion.

Do you want to hear some of my favorite things about having you here?

  • When you flop down hard on the floor. It sounds like a wrecking ball dropping to the ground. Very sudden and without much warning, BOOM relaxed doggie.
  • When you parade around with your bone in your mouth, proud as can be and just waiting for someone to take notice.
  • The great Gordito sprawl out and the little puppy ball. When you sleep, it is always cute.
  • How you jump up and down when we come home from work, so excited to see us.
  • Your unbridled excitement and joy for walks. You act like a puppy when you see me reaching for your leash.
  • Traveling in the car for long distances is more fun with you. Watching you stare out the window at the scenery makes me so happy.
  • When you lay on the floor with me when I do my back exercises.

Speaking of walks, that is my favorite thing we do together. It clears my mind, makes me forget about the work day or any troubles. It is impossible to be cranky when I have a 110 lb dog sniffing every bush, tree and blade of grass in the neighborhood. Everyone thinks it is funny to see us walking. A petite girl with BIG black dog. Secretly, I love the reaction people have to seeing us together and to seeing you.

So thank you big dog for giving us so many laughs, licks and good times. You have provided me with endless hours of comfort, as well as a sense of purpose knowing that your well-being is our responsibility.

We love you Gordito.

Good thing you will only be a couple of streets away. I know someone who is going to miss you very much. Okay, there are three of us who will miss you, not just Micky.


Jennifer said...

Awww. This made me feel a little teary-eyed.

beartifix said...

Me too! I want to go home and hug my puppy (more like "old man" now, but he'll always be my puppy).