August 14, 2009

What I Wore: What a Difference New Jeans Make

For several weeks I have been lamenting the loss of my favorite Old Navy, low rise bootcut jeans. Death by holes in all the wrong places. Luckily I found a replacement.

cardigan: Target

striped boatneck: Gap

jeans: DKNY

sandals: Nickels

top: Express

pants: Gap

necklace: Urban Outfitters

sandals: Coconuts

linen jacket: Old Navy

tank top: J Crew

skirt: Old Navy

earrings: Target

ring: gift from my sister-in-law Rachel

top: Forever 21

tank: Old Navy

jeans: Express Eva bootcut

necklace: Target

sandals" Aerosoles

I am praising the denim deities for helping me find these new jeans. Shopping for new jeans has to be one of the most tedious and painful processes around. When you pick up a pair of jeans that should - for all intents and purposes - fit you, but instead make it look like you stuffed two sausages into a pair of nylons, your ego is going to take a hit. There are so many unforgiving pairs of jeans out there. It was hard to find pairs that fit my rules:

  • MUST have stretch in the fabric (I think its criminal to not have stretch in all jeans)
  • No ridiculous shredding, holes or pre-frayed seams or hems. That's just sloppy
  • No strange light patches on or around your thighs. Only about 2% of the population can pull off two tone jeans. Everyone else looks like they are walking around with a sandwhich board pointing out their big ass thighs, even if they don't actually have big ass thighs
  • Color of jeans can't be too dark, too light, too dirty of a wash or too blue
  • Must accentuate the postive and eliminate the negative
  • Have to be available in short or petite. Girlfriend does not have time to take jeans to the tailor
  • Can not rise above my belly button or below my hips. No mom jeans, no model thin jeans
  • Did I mention stretch?
  • Don't cost $100 or more

top: Art Soul, bought at Marshalls

jeans: 2nd pr of Express Eva Bootcut

sandals: Target

earrings: Target (those earrings reminded me of riding the shool bus in the mid 80s.


beartifix said...

Love it! Very flattering. And amen to the jeans rules.

Jillian Frances said...

I love the last look particularly. I have all the same criteria for jeans. I also need petites and am currently searching for a new pair. I am hearing good things about the Gap in the magazines, but I am skeptical.