September 14, 2009

Let's Talk About Ballet Flats

Let’s talk about ballet flats, baby. Let’s talk about quality. And all the good deals and the bad deals there might be. Let’s talk about flats.

While my favorite pair of Steve Maddens did cost close to $50 (they are silk and so, so pretty), I can’t justify several pairs of Steve Maddens. So I look, every couple of months but especially in the fall, for new pairs to cheaply and comfortably dress up my wardrobe. Which means sometimes the consistency and quality can be lacking when looking for cheap alternatives.

Here are some reviews for you cheap shoe fans (I will note, I prefer quality shoes, but ballet flats really only work for me in the fall and winter so I don't want to waste $$ on something I could find a cheap alternative to).

Target’s Odell flats come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. But, like many things at Target, their sizing is made to fit the masses. So many of the pairs I have tried on have been too wide, too short and inconsistent from season to season. But, they are a cheap option so I always take a look. Yesterday I picked up this gorgeous purple pair and for whatever reason, they fit. Yay!

A few weeks ago, I saw these American Eagle flats and fell in love with the red suede pair. With free shipping and 15%, I ordered them. Unfortunately they are way too big, but so cute. Too wide and too long. Do you wear an 8 ½ and not have narrow feet like me? I’ll sell them to you for a steal. Free shipping and I’ll include a cute picture of Micky, a bottle of tonic water and some leftover soup from last winter. No seriously, if you are interested let me know. Otherwise, returning to the store.

While cute, Old Navy flats are super uncomfortable. I like my feet too much to stuff them into any of their shoes. I have had luck with Gap flats, but I only buy them when they are half price.

Anywhere else I should be looking?

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MsAmanda said...

I should note the American Eagle shoes are size 8, so if you are a wide 8 or in between an 8 and 8 1/2, they could work for you too.