September 24, 2009

Micky's Labor Intensive Labor Day

Ah! finally! pictures. These are from Labor Day, when Micky got to see his cousins Kenna and Zoey. He was so tired after five days of dog play that he willingly got in his kennel and slept in it with the door open for several hours on the night we got home.

Micky and Kenna (she's in the blue collar). Ooooh wee, do they love to wrestle.

Our puppy is a water dog. He got to run around in a creek bed, as well as fetch/swim in the pond. While my parents live in a gated community, the nice thing is that it is surrounded by woods and water.

I thought this tree looked like a pelican or another long beaked, tufted crest type of bird.

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beartifix said...

I love seeing Mickey's pictures. Keep them coming. He is such a cutie pie!