September 16, 2009

Premium Beer Cans, Reworked J. Crew Pants, Design Blog Love

I just looked at the tags for this post. Hitting all the bases this morning. Our computer is up and working, but we have some reconfiguring to do before we can start saving stuff (pictures). So bear with me for a little bit longer.

My company has yet to make the switch from Internet Explorer 6, even though the rest of the world has. So, that means I can't see the pictures on a lot of the blogs I read and have to wait until I get home to see them. These two were worth the wait. A spotlight on Honey Interiors, plus a before and after kitchen remodel. Love!

Someday I'll be a better sewer. Until now, I will admire people who can turn J Crew pants into skirts. This post made me feel better re: my hot pink J Crew chino capris. I like them, love the color, got an awesome deal. But...they just don't quite work, you know? Curse of the shorties I guess.

Why do I like these Lands' End shoes so much? Also, this sweater.

Last but not least, I was inspired to look a little harder for decent brews in a can after complaining about it yesterday. After my pilates class I stopped at Ingersoll Wine & Spirits, which I believe to be the best shop in town and the place I discovered Layer Cake wine, and found Fat Tire cans. Yay. Score!


Jennifer said...

Make that these moccasins:

Jennifer said...

I have never even considered Lands' End before for shoes, and now I'm thinking about these moccasins.