October 19, 2009

My Weekend

Oh snap. No computer connection yet. Still a great weekend was had.

Friday night we went to see Zombieland. It was just what the doctor ordered: funny, silly, heartfelt and blood an guts ala the Simon Pegg variety (Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz). The line into the actual movie was almost to the door of the theater, something I’ve never seen, but it was actually the line for Paranormal Activity. Serious buzz on the flick.

Saturday we went to Hairball with McDonoughs. I think my brother-in-law Bill died and went to 80s hairband heaven. My favorite was their killer Prince impression and Guns N Roses stole the show. Didn’t realize I still know all the words to Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City.

Yesterday I got an awesome massage at the East Village Spa. Seriously, I’m walking on sunshine.

Got new distance glasses (wanted to use up my flex spending before everyone and their dog scrambles in December). I’m usually really cheap when it comes to glasses, which in turn saddled me with a pair I really haven’t liked for the last five years. I love my new ones (in brown).

Last but not least I picked up a sweater and some thermal shirts for my beloved. For several years we’ve been getting these great Merona wool sweaters from Target. Lightweight but stylish, they are really versatile and look great on Anthony.

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beartifix said...

I also went to and loved the East Village Spa. The girls there were awesome. In fact, it was the owner who informed me of the death of Michael Jackson. (Way to make your business establishment forever etched in my memory).