December 7, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea Office White Elephant

Both Anthony and I have a white elephant gift exchange at our work holiday parties. We can choose to regift something we have or if we buy a gift, there is a $10 max. Some past gifts:
  • Bottle of wine
  • Silver frame from from Pottery Barn
  • Disco ball ornaments
  • Stemless wineglasses and mini box wines from Target (actually decent wine from Trinchero)
  • Goofy animal notecards
  • Delicious (oh delicious!) lemon biscotti candle

Here are some naughty and nice gift ideas.

Top to bottom ring bottle opener, hide-a-beer, frog stapler, poo book, list, paper clips, nun-chuks, sticky notes, and mustaches.

Top to bottom wine bottle candleholder, vintage tile coasters, reindeer ornament, sparkle snowflake ornament, Williams Sonoma spoonula, waffle mix, cocktail napkins, suzani apron.

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