January 8, 2010

What We Ate This Week

We've pretty much been on vacation for the last two weeks and while we ate well over the holidays, it was good to cook at home and stock up on groceries. NR denotes new recipe.

Monday-Pan fried pork chops, salad and linguine avgolemono with artichoke hearts and green beans (NR). While we liked the pasta, we like our lemon fusilli standby more, so I think I will just try switching up the vegetables in that recipe.

Tuesday-We had friends over for the Orange Bowl and lots of treats to last us for the rest of the week. There were carrots, french onion dip with Ruffles, the world's best pasta salad, BBQ meatballs (NR), another dip and Anthony made hot wings from his own special secret recipe.

The meatballs were great, I will definitely make again. I heard the wings were very good, but the fryer stunk up the house so I've been boiling slices of lemon, lime, orange and cinnamon on the stove to drive out the smell.

I'm heading into the new year with cooking excitement. I'm looking forward to trying new recipes and conquering fears about cooking foods I've shied away from.

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Erin said...

So great to hear from you! Looks like all is great! happy new year.. and yes hearing about this trip to India will be Very Very Funny!!! xxx erin