February 19, 2010

What I Made This Week

Sunday-I feel like I spent the whole day in the kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning. For breakfast I made bacon and egg in the basket (or whatever other name you call it like frog in the hole or bird's nest). In the afternoon I made a triple batch of marinara. Part of it was for Monday's dinner and then I froze the other two parts.

For dinner I roasted my first chicken (NR), which I now know really isn't that big of a deal. After doing it, I can pretty easily identify the things that kept me away 1) seeing a whole bird is way more real than cooking up just the meat 2) it is messy. Our kitchen is small and messy dishes can be overwhelming. This was supposed to be last week's new recipe, but plans changed. It was really good, very tender and flavorful. I'll skip the gravy next time, that was gross. We had it with mashed potatoes, broccoli green, green vegetable style and salad.

Monday-Turkey meatballs from the Everyday Italian cookbook with marinara (NR) and spaghetti, salad with blueberries. I forgot how tasty these bite-size meatballs are.

Thursday-Pan fried + oven roasted pork tenderloin, rice pilaf and salad. Easy peasy.

This week I tackled sugar cookies using this new recipe. I don't do sugar cookies because they are total pain, and it isn't like there are a bunch of people screaming for them. But...I do really like a good sugar cookie. The dough was easy to make, but it had to warm up for a good two hours before I could roll it out.

The recipe said these are less sweet than normal to counteract the sweetness of the frosting, but I haven't had one frosted yet so I can't speak to that (I'm taking them to a party this weekend and the kids are going to decorate them). I think these are good for decorating, but I have a feeling I may wanted a sweeter recipe in the end.

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