April 15, 2010

Blogs, Kitchen Utensils, Movies and TV review

Ay yi yi. For more than 16 months I have managed to get a blog post up every week day morning, save the ones when I am on vacation. This morning I just couldn’t get my act together.

So, here are some links to things I may have blogged about or am currently finding to be interesting:

One of the things I love about having food magazine subscriptions is the gadget reviews. Cooking Light just featured these no mess utensils that stick to the side of your pots and pans. Not a new concept, but these are better looking than some of the ones I’ve seen.

I think I have a girl crush on Lucinda Scala Quinn, she of the Mad Hungry authoring fame. Her blog is a hoot. She’s a hoot and honest too.

Also, I’m majorly digging the craftiness of this new to me site (thanks Melissa). Rather than buying any new clothes, she’s refashioning thrift and vintage finds for a whole year. Hey good looking!

TV and Movies
Did you watch 9 by Design on Bravo? I just got around to watching it last night. So good. I’ve seen tons of pictures of their homes and read about the Novogratz family, but I loved getting a peek into their crazy and fun life.

After reading an article about the movie Kick Ass, I totally want to see it when it comes out this weekend. Shouldn't I want to see Date Night more?

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Jennifer said...

I'd never heard of the movie Kick-Ass until your post. And now I want to see it, too!