April 13, 2010

Micky Mick is One

Little Mr. Mick was born a year ago today. And since he is a dog, we didn't actually do anything for his birthday because its not like he knows any better. Well, I did give him some bacon grease with his breakfast.

Having a funny, lovey, silly puppy like Micky has been such a joy. Its been a good experience for us to enjoy together (once he stopped peeing in the house because he'd get so wrapped up in playing). Dogs provide so much love and comfort. Nothing beats the tail wagging, excitement and joy the show when you come home from being anywhere but home.


beartifix said...

Awww - such a cutie! Don't you wish they could stay puppies forever? (Minus the peeing in the house, destroying things and biting, of course.)

Dave said...

Excellent. Good looking dog!