May 14, 2010


Finally! So cold and what did we do? Grill and make potato salad.

Monday-steak with pan fried morels (Anthony), steamed artichoke and I taste tested the potato salad I made for Tuesday night
Tuesday-Brats on the grill (Hy-Vee has great ones they make themselves), potato salad, broccoli with s+p, butter and shallots
Wednesday-Cheese ravioli with marinara and sweet sausage meatballs (NR) (take a package of Johnsonville Italian sausage, remove the casing and roll into mini-meatballs), awful, no good, very bad salad, strawberries

This week I ran out of my main staples: olive oil, balsamic vinegar and kosher salt. I guess all that non cooking is catching up. I've got one more new recipe I may make this weekend, not sure cause we've got a busy one coming up. Plus, I picked some rhubarb up at the farm so I need to do something with that.

Seems like a cheater move, but I bought white chocolate chips and made the recipe for chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips on the back of the bag. They are very good, though I messed up the sugar amount. My brain is hardwired to make Nestle chocolate chip cookies and it is essentially the same recipe with a few modifications. They are sweet! Also, its hard to tell when chocolate cookies are ready, you can't see the edge browning as well as you can with other cookies.


Jennifer said...

What was the awful salad? Recently, I tried to eat broccoli that looked relatively OK except that its tippy tops had turned brown/green-yellow. So nasty. So bitter.

MsAmanda said...

1) mixed organic greens that were bitter (finally bought a salad spinner so no more packaged lettuce)
2) no balsamic

I bought the lettuce + asparagus at our HyVee on Sunday and both were bad. The asparagus had mold on the bottoms and tops by the time I opened the bag on Weds.