May 12, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow

This summer marks our 4th summer in our house. It also marks the first summer we should be able to really enjoy our yard.

Many moons ago, some wonderfully inspired, gardening knowledgeable, diligent weeder decided the entire border of our yard (it is fenced) should be landscaped within an inch of its life. I'm talking about a minimum of 1 1/2 feet of landscaping (in some cases more) in most spots. Next to our hot tub there is a swath of 10+ feet of open landscaping bed that has become the ideal pooping spot for dogs, and not much more. I'm loathe to show pictures, but you can peek here.

So each year the weeds get more out of control, the perennials get more choked and hidden, and the yard looks like a combination dust bowl and kegger party for weeds. Last summer I reached my breaking point after spending a significant amount of time in the yard with wee little Micky as a puppy. Puppies go to the bathroom, a lot.

After saving lots of pennies and dimes, we are having a LARGE portion of the neverending weed bed turned back into lawn and the dog pooping area turned into a bed of perennials I never have to weed (shasta daisies, prairie grasses, etc.).

The major benefit of paying someone to do that work is so we can focus on what we want to do: have a garden. I don't mind the occasional mulch and weed session to the remaining areas of perennials, but I'd really rather tend to something we can eat at the end of the day!

Over the years we've done some tomatoes and peppers, and I've had some herb pots, but this year we are doing it for reals. Digging out the garden and really spending some time and effort. I'm terribly excited.

So in honor of gardening, my yays for the week.

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