June 30, 2010

Food, 4th, Fun

Sweet. The Fourth of July will be here soon, which means I'm declaring my independence from work, blogging and cleaning the house. But before I go, a few  things.

New recipes
During the four+ years I lived in the Twin Cities, I can't tell you how many times I had D'Amico & Sons Turkey with Dried Cherry Pasta salad. When I worked at the U and we catered events, it was the number one most popular dish. Journalism professors, speakers and journalists all came a runnin' when it was served. 

I was so over my lunch options recently and was thinking about this salad, which led me to find it online and make it for my new recipe this week. It was very good and definitely similar. The only thing I would change is that you really only need half a pound of pasta. This called for the whole box, which spread the sauce and other ingredients too thin.

Made Coffee Toffee Bars for my new baking recipe. They were okay. The almond flavor was very predominant and if I was to make again, I'd switch for vanilla.

Holiday food
So, so, so looking forward to the next few days of picnics, etc. We don't keep too many snacks or sweets in the house, which is why I always look forward to holidays and vacations. A good reason to eat all the bad for you foods.

I'll be making:
Plus, I already made three batches of chocolate chip cookies.

I've been wanting to make Magic Juice, but I'm not sure this is the time I'll be doing it. Depends on if I feel like bringing a bottle of gin on the road.

Also on the docket, reading. I picked these books up at Barnes & Noble this weekend (a deviation from my normal Amazon purchasing, which came at a price. While I like picking up books and seeing them in the aisle, I hate paying more as a result.)

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