June 11, 2010


Sunday-blue cheese coleslaw from Barefoot Contessa (NR). A few words about this dish. Back in April we ate at a restaurant with my grandparents called the Blue Pointe. It was an incredible meal, made even better by the blue cheese coleslaw. Oh...my...goodness. I don't like blue cheese and I thought it was out of this world.

This recipe sadly did not live up to what we had in Florida. It was okay, just not the same. Also, I decided to take the easy route and slice the cabbage and carrots with my grater, not the food processor as the recipe recommends. Use the food processor. Otherwise, its too soupy with no crunch.

Monday-grilled BBQ chicken, lemon fusilli with arugula (perfect for this time of year since arugula is in season)

Wednesday-salmon in foil with dill, lemon and kalamata olives, rice pilaf, oven roasted cherry tomatoes (with Meyer lemon juice, olive oil, s+p and rosemary.) This was the first time I've used herbs from our garden.

I made mint fudge brownies for my new recipe. Kind of a holiday treat, but tasty since they are refrigerated.

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