June 18, 2010


Sunday-BBQ meatballs, mashed Yukon gold potatoes with brie and a bit of cream cheese, salad from our garden with buttermilk ranch dressing (NR) (with herbs from our garden). We had the crummiest weather last weekend, hence the comfort food dinner.

Monday-Chicken Scampi and salad.

We were busy folks this week, lots of to do. My parents are coming to visit this weekend, so I'm going to be making some of my new recipes that have turned into favorites: dilled potato and pickled cucumber salad and rosemary lemon white bean dip.

Speaking of favorites, I reworked the blog (again, I know) now that blogger has new design functionality. While I liked my previous design, it didn't allow for pages. I've added a favorite recipes page. Its not complete yet, but should be soon.

Baking-Since its Father's Day and my dad love orange and cranberry together, I'm tweaking this orange bread recipe by replacing the golden raisins with dried cranberries.

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