June 7, 2010


With the help of my friend Laura, our bedroom went from gross yellow to smoky grape and our spare room went from gross yellow to baritone.

These are the things I know from this weekend:
  • Teaming up with someone who is good at cutting in and trimming is a good idea. No tape=less work, and clean lines. 
  • We listened to my friend Eric's Bonnaroo mix when Anthony and I painted our living and dining rooms. Though listening to it again was nostalgic, my mix with Miley Cryus and Ke$ha made me paint a lot faster. Same goes for the folk mix. When it doubt, turn this mother out (when painting.)
  • Why wait so long?! I can be such a procrastinator.
  • Low/no VOC paints really don't smell. I was shocked.

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