June 3, 2010

This Week in Natural Yays

This week in fruits, vegetables and flower yays!
Cath Kidston iPhone covers (found via Design*Sponge.) I am a late adopter when it comes to technology. I want other people to work out and through the kinks of first few editions of iPhones, Nooks, etc. In fact, I didn’t even want an iPhone until Anthony got one and I realized how great it was when we traveled. But…I’m planning on getting the new one when it comes out. Here’s hoping there are cute ones for that version.
How to store your fruits and vegetables from The Kitchn.
Installing the strawberry in Strawberry Point, Iowa (found via Jennifer from the Des Moines Register’s old timey photos.) We pass this every time we go to the farm. For me, its marks the prettiest part of the drive: hills, valleys, streams, farms tucked away and the anticipation of relaxing up in Northeast Iowa.
Peonies in bloom. We’ve had such a warm spring that our peony bushes are in various cycles of blossom and decline. This is our big hot pink one in full bloom over the weekend.

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