June 9, 2010

Wall Shelves

In a house with a smaller footprint, you got to use all the space you have, including the walls. Our bedroom is just narrow enough where our bed is to not accommodate two bedside tables very graciously. I've long planned to do some type of decorative brackets on the wall with a glass or wood top to make a built-in bedside table on the wall on my side of the bed.

I'd been thinking about the Mighty Sorrel bracket from Anthropologie, but with the art deco feeling to our bedspread it was a little too matchy matchy. For me, I need they styles to be less complementary. Vintage and modern and traditional all together, not just one style.
Instead, I'm thinking about doing this shelf from the Container Store, probably spray painted but maybe not.

We don't have a place for them in our house (they are too deep to use in our kitchen), but these galvanized steel cubes would be fantastic family storage in an entryway, mud room or kitchen.

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