August 5, 2010

Art, Food, Movie, Audiobook Yays

Yay for:

DILL. We love dill. Our dill plant is no more, so I had to buy some at the grocery store. YUM!

Caitlin McGauley Illustrations. Found via DesignMom. I love them all. Is there anything better than watercolor?

Devil in the White City audiobook. Got this for our road trip. I've long wanted to read the book and I've heard it is very gripping, so I hope it was a good choice. Also need to find some podcast options beyond This American Life and Sports Guy. Any thoughts on that?

Inception. How good was Inception? We saw it a few nights ago and I thought it was great. Smart, thoughtful, well cast and didn't pander like the audience is dumb. Ellen Page surprised me, probably since I mostly think of her as Juno McGruff. Photo from here.

1 comment:

beartifix said...

Love the watercolors. So pretty!
As for podcast suggestions, maybe you should try "The Moth". Real people telling their stories - unscripted. Anything from funny to deeply moving.