September 29, 2010

Book Club Story in Juice

So for those folks out there who don't realize Twitter can be a great tool for businesses, writers, etc., check this one out. Brianne Sanchez, a writer for the Des Moines Register's Juice magazine, put out a call on Twitter to interview someone in a book club. I responded and boom, before you can say Atticus Finch she interviewed me and Juice's photographer Eric Rowley called to set up a photo shoot.

There's hardly a subject that would make me happier to be in the news. Here's the story. Thanks Brianne!


Jillian Frances said...

Hi, great article! Brianne is the best. If you are looking to add to your club, I would be thrilled to join. I love reading but have let it slide without my mom close by to constantly foist free books on me so I can discuss them with her. I'll read pretty much anything that isn't too fluffy. Judging by your pile, we have pretty similar taste.

Pat said...

Hi Amanda,
Your mom shared your blog/Juice story with me. So glad to see that I'm not alone in my dislike of Jodi Piccoult. Although her book 19 Seconds did generate some powerful discussion in one of our club's meetings, she is not an author I find myself returning to again and again.
I'll have to "friend" you on Goodreads and find out what you consider a "good read"! I'm desperate for one right now!