September 3, 2010


Sunday-grilled lemon chicken and brown rice salad with spinach and tomatoes (NR). Together these two dishes were out of this world. Skipped the skewers/satay and Anthony just grilled the breasts. The fresh flavors complemented each other nicely. On its own, the flavor of the salad was off. I should have learned by now that many Everyday Food recipes require some additional flavor enhancement.

How enticing is the picture? Too bad!

Monday-homemade pizza and salad with dressing from MacKenzie River Pizza. We brought some of their famous dressing home. Something many have tried to replicate, but I haven't seen an actual recipe online. The thing that puts their house salad over the edge into nirvana is Grape Nuts. Trust me, really good.

Tuesday-Enchiladas made with turkey tenderloins instead of chicken (NR). I have no idea why I picked them up and they had been taking space in the freezer. Pretty good, but I think I would have liked them better if I'd made homemade enchilada sauce instead of canned.

Wednesday-Yum, this was my favorite of the week. I cut up a big tomato into bit sized pieces, sprinkled liberally with sea salt, fresh pepper and Jane's Crazy Salt, then let sit for half an hour or so. Made a grilled cheese on sourdough, sliced into three pieces. I cut one third up into bit size pieces and added to the tomato. SO GOOD. This is a take on a Mark Bittman salad, I find it doesn't need dressing so much as some extra flavor.


On Sunday I made this everyday chocolate cake (NR) and last night I made these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (NR). The cake was okay, but got cooked too long and I later realized in making my own buttermilk I added 1T of vinegar instead of 1t of vinegar to the milk. That may have impacted the flavor. I may try again.

The cookies on the other hand are delicious and I believe my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie search is over. Plus, they are super easy to make. And thinking I could match the crunchy earthiness of the oatmeal, I subbed out white refined sugar for organic turbinado sugar. A nice addition I think.

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