October 1, 2010

Rosemary Potatoes and Apple Pie

This week and next will prove to only be good for new recipes.

Tuesday-chicken with balsamic and garlic, rosemary roasted potatoes (NR) and broccoli. Turns out I like this chicken dish without the rosemary-this is the first time I've had some one hand when making it and I didn't love the addition.

Apple Pie by Grandma Ople (not my Grandma) and pie crust from Mad Hungry. A word, or a few, about pie:

Most people prefer cake or pie, right? I'm firmly on Team Cake, but I do enjoy pie. I just don't tend make it myself.
  1. My main frustration is making the dough for the crust, which I remember as being a torturous process. I think its been at least 15 years or so since I've made a pie crust. However, now I own a Cuisinart 11 cup food processor with a dough hook, so that part wasn't so hard. In fact, it was quite easy.
  2. Peeling, coring and cutting fruit. Not my idea of fun. Perhaps all my pies should be cream something or silk something.
  3. Rolling out the dough. Ugh, that is really the worst part, right?
But, alas this new recipe thing isn't just about making new recipes, its also about tackling the things that scare me. So, homemade pie crust done.

Also, the pie was delicious.

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