October 8, 2010

Verde Enchiladas and Dutch Letter Bars

Sunday-Enchiladas with salsa verde and a radish + romaine salad on top from Mad Hungry (NR), semi-homemade refried beans (NR).

I have made refried beans from scratch before, which I prefer but didn't have the time to do. Perhaps it was just the brand of beans I bought, but these beans were SOOOO salty they were almost inedible.

Thursday-Bucatini All'amatriciana, garlic bread and salad.

Baking-For my sweetheart, I made sugar & spice cookies (which are truly one of my all time favorite cookies). Since they aren't a new recipe, I also made Dutch Letter bars.

A word on Dutch Letters: THEY ARE DELICIOUS AND AMAZING. I'd never heard of or had them before I moved to central Iowa, but they are so good.

Picture is from here, which has more information about Dutch Letters.

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Jennifer said...

I love Dutch letters too. Were the bars just as good?