October 20, 2010

Yay for Art, Irish Coffee, Dogs Catching Toys and Fall Decorating

Yay for easy dog entertainment. Micky is a champion fetcher, but he's also very good at catch. When we really get going with this game he'll jump a few feet in the air and twist to catch this squeaky toy. Otherwise, we just play on the deck. I am both the thrower and the videographer, so bear with us.

Truth!! From Kantan Designs, found via A Little Sussy.

Slowcooker Irish Coffee sounds like a tailgating dream. From A Year of Slow Cooking.

Major inspiration for our bathroom. Minus the books next to the toilet. From AT.

Fall decorating at our house. We don't do much!


Jennifer said...

Way to go, Micky!

Jillian Frances said...

There so so many things to love about that bathroom. I am especially drawn to the 3/4 high wainscoting. Have you watched Sarah's House? You should check out the bathrooms in the farmhouse if you haven't already seen them.