December 23, 2010

Non-Book Club Review

Scratch that, one of these is from book club. I could not for the life of me figure out which pick was missing from my book club round-up. Probably because it was a pretty forgettable book.

The English American C- Ugh. I found this book on some blogger's 2009 book review. I didn't hate it as much as some others in the group, but it wasn't my favorite. Based on the author's one-woman show about growing up in adopted in England, it was interesting in theory but the characters were so outlandish and the story just wasn't plausible. Its like the author sketched out her life story, made it funny-ish and forgot to include any personal realizations.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog B+ I liked this book once I was able to get into it, but it was slow going. It was also very French.

The Brightest Star in the Sky B- My love of Marian Keyes is well documented, but this book fell flat. It was sad. And kind of weird.

Little Bee B I have a real beef with this book, which got a lot of praise this year. One, I find the predicament the main couple in the book find themselves in to be absolutely ridiculous. It just made me mad. Two, the climax of the book happens too quietly and it also made me mad. Maybe I need to read it again?

Are You There Vodka, Its Me Chelsea A- This was the first book I read from Chelsea Handler and while I know some have no use for her, I find her funny. And, she's a good writer. Her stories are hysterical. I read this on vacation, and it was a quick and easy read by the pool.

There's really no measurement for these two books. Maeve Binchy is my version of a trashy romance novel. Easy to read and zone out with. Cesar's Way was also an easy read and I liked reading his perspective on how dogs think.

My Booky Wook B+ Hmm. I like Russell Brand a lot better after reading this. I don't suffer fools gladly and he plays the fool quite a bit, but he's actually much smarter than I realized. That said, some of the stories just annoyed me.

I See You Everywhere B- I loved, loved, loved the Three Junes and hoped I'd like this book as much. Sadly no.

That Old Cape Magic D Double burn by authors I like(d). Surely there is a way to examine discontent with your life in a more productive and enlightening manner. Farewell Richard Russo.

The Book Thief A My Holocaust book for the year. Well done.

One Day A+ I saved the best for last, my favorite book of the year! This book was the right read at the right time. I needed a break from the darkness of Sweden and Lisbeth Salander this summer. It took just a bit to get into, mainly because it follows the two characters on the same day each year and the first few years are jarring in respect to where the book starts. I was moved and swept up into their world. Loved it. Not sure how I feel about the movie adaptation, especially since the actress cast is not my mental picture of Emma. A vacation read if you need one.

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Jillian Frances said...

So, I got a Kindle for Christmas, and the very first book I downloaded was One Day. I was so excited when I scrolled to the end of your list and found it was your very favorite. I'm about one chapter in. Side note...I've been obsessed with Maeve Binchy since I was 12 and read Circle of Friends. I find her later books much less magical than the ones set in 1950s Ireland.