February 4, 2011

Blah Soup, Grocery Shopping List and Cheese

One of my attempts to find new soups prompted me to pick up a Better Homes & Gardens special interest magazine. I flagged a whole bunch; hopefully the others are better than the roasted red pepper soup I made on Monday night.

Blech. No flavor whatsoever. Anyone have a good roasted red pepper soup recipe. I used Melissa's roasted red peppers, maybe it would have made a difference if I'd roasted the peppers myself. We had it with salad and ham. Photo from here.

Thursday-Swedish meatballs with egg noodles and steamed broccolini (for my new vegetable). Is broccolini supposed to smell like cabbage/Brussels sprouts?

I'm flying solo this weekend and I think I may make a batch of sour cream enchiladas from Pioneer Woman with half the sour cream swapped out for Greek yogurt.

One of my favorite bloggers, Brooke from Inchmark, posted a great weekly meal planning template on one of my other favorite blogs, DesignMom. You can download the template there.

I think I follow my mom's method of listing out food by where it is in the store. I start with produce, then have meat and dried goods in the middle of the list, and end with dairy items. But I don't end up having room for the actual meals I've planned, so I write those on the back.

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