February 18, 2011

Food This Week

The weather this week was so lovely, I started thinking about pasta salad and summer food. Especially once I smelled grills going in our neighborhood last night.

Sunday-Ham, smashed garlic new potatoes and salad
Tuesday-Smothered pork chops, roasted broccoli and salad
Wednesday-Ham (again), salad and lemon fusilli

For Valentines' Day I made these chewy chocolate cherry cookies. I made them before reading the reviews and while I agree with some (3T was way too much per cookie), if you have some critical thinking skills I didn't think they were hard to make. Just make them smaller and cook them for a shorter amount of time.

I've had the ingredients for this beet and apple salad for awhile so I'm hoping to make it tomorrow for a party. I'm also thinking I'll take a stab at recreating my favorite Mexican chocolate cake from Flying Mango. The recipe I found is a start, though its not that similar to theirs.

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