April 25, 2011

Summer Plans

Over the weekend one of my nieces asked what my summer plans are and I didn't have much of an answer besides work (ugh, how boring.) But technically that's not true. Of course we have weekend plans already being firmed up for the summer, plus Iowa Cubs tickets, biking and tending to (and planting) our garden.

One thing I do have planned in the near future is figuring out a better way to keep our dill from going to seed and only getting one crop out of it. I'm thinking of some type of small scale raised bed so the seeds will keep growing new growth. Not sure though. Image from here.
Another is doing some planning for our end of summer/start of fall vacation to New York City. I have a Central Park obsession that goes back to history class many years ago. Images from here.
Other than that, its become frighteningly apparent that something serious (or several things serious) need(s) to happen in our original 1922 bathroom. Renovation. So that's something to look forward to.


Lora said...

NYC-so fun! I loved it out there last year, but definitely wished I would've planned a little more, especially when it came to eating :) There's just so many places to choose from!

Jillian Frances said...

New York will be so fun! I'm jealous. If you need help figuring out your bathroom, let me know. I've done tons of them now.