May 31, 2011

Not Cooking = No Stress Relief

I've had a love/hate relationship with cooking lately. Love to do it, love the relaxation it provides on the weekends. Hate coming up with ideas, coordinating with schedules and cleaning up. I just haven't felt inspired in quite some time.

I did make a few things this weekend. Yesterday we had French toast with strawberries.

And, I made a tuna pasta salad, which was really good and flavorful. Next time I might make a little bit more dressing or try making homemade mayo instead of the jar. Also, I skipped the tomato and subbed baby peas for the beans. Tasty.

I do think my lack of cooking speaks to some larger thing going on in my life. For the last few months, or dare I say all year, life is just constant forward motion and some of my typical slowdown activities just aren't interesting or compelling. I've hardly read all year, maybe 5 or 6 books. Cooking, which is usually a very centering and calming activity for me, is overwhelming. Magazines pile up next to the couch. Seems like I only have focus for a few things, namely working out, walking Micky, keeping some type of order in the house and watching TV. Its no wonder I'm feeling less than creative!

That said, I'm feeling very relaxed after a three day weekend at home. Lots of sleep, tons of gardening and time for introspection.

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Laura said...

You should chat with Barry. We're only using homemade mayo now - very tasty and I do believe somewhat easy to whip up.