May 2, 2011

Urbanears, Zinnias, Running Shoes and Whole Living

I'm pretending it is Wednesday, so here are some thing I'm thinking about.

Saw these Urbanears headphones in the most recent Entertainment Weekly. The colors are outstanding.

At work I listen to music with Skull Candy noise canceling earbuds, which means I can't hear people when they come into my office and they often can't see that I'm listening to music. This would help (in addition to a mirror above my computer screen.)

While getting a pedicure on Sunday I read the most recent issue of Whole Living. Great magazine! Lots of good tips and inspiring stories. I think I'm going to subscribe.

I'm C-R-A-Z-Y for zinnias. We have two or three spots that need some flowers and I would love to do zinnias. I'm feeling very behind of my garden/landscaping plans. It won't be real until I draw out a plan for things. Pictures from here, here and here.

I need some new shoes for working out. Have you ever looked at running shoes online? I just go to the store and pick out the ones I like (New Balance, grey, comfortable.) In the essence of time, I'm ordering some from Zappos, but seriously do people really want to spend this much time evaluating work out shoes? I guess some people do, but I found the whole thing overwhelming. That said, by posting these up here, I can tell the last pair is most similar to my current shoes. Topmiddle, bottom.

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