July 8, 2011

Pictures of Food

I know I'm on the mend. I've started cooking again. And appreciating food.

This week we've been enjoying the bounty of my sister-in-law's crop share. Cabbage, sugar snap peas, green onion, rainbow chard, garlic scapes, you name it. I can see how having a crop share can be an inspiration and a burden.

This week, I'm inspired.

Meal #1
Teriyaki salmon I consider it to be a real feat to cook salmon and not have your house smell terrible; this one passes the test
Stir-fry cabbage, which I had no idea could be so amazing. It was light and fresh, taking on the flavor of the ginger, soy and garlic. I added some garlic scapes as well. Way tasty

Meal #2
Chicken gyros with Trader Joe's pitas, which I've found to be the only ones I've purchased locally that don't fall apart the minute you put something in them, flame lettuce from our garden and a tomato
Tzatziki (YUM!!!!!!!!!!)
Cottage cheese
More raspberries

I also made some cold brewed iced coffee in a mason jar. Smooth. Don't you drink yours in a pint glass?

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