August 1, 2011

Bathroom Confession

Several months ago, we set the plans in motion to start our bathroom remodel. We have plans, things picked out, we know what we want done, etc. A few plumbers came out and told us we didn't have to redo the plumbing (yay for that), and one contractor came out 3 weeks and still hasn't given us a bid.

All I need to do is call two more contractors (maybe three if this other guy doesn't get back to me.) And what have I done?

Everything but call the contractors. The less important things on my to-do list are being whittled down: Yankees tickets for a game in September, rearrange the kitchen, book tickets to visit my grandma in October, the list goes on while I put off the one thing that really needs to be done.

So for all the people in my life who are always marvelling at the things I get done, know this. I'm terrified of getting this project off the ground.

All the details, questions, time that our upstairs will be a wreck.

Nice color, right?

I'm tremendously annoyed by how long it takes to get information from people in the home repair/renovation world. Its endless.

But, I really want to have it done. This week. Must do it. Wish me luck. This is terrible netiquette, but I don't have sources for these images.

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Jillian Frances said...

People procrastinate this step all the time. Did you call Kaufman Construction? We just got a quote from them for our back porch reno.