September 12, 2011

1 Lady w/ MS, 2 Days, 74 Miles

We did! The MS Ride was a success. I'm so proud of my mom, who biked further than she ever has two days in a row. The weather was great, the support on the ride was awesome and doing it as a family was priceless.

Thanks for all the support! And donations will be taken to support MS research and programs until October 15, so its not too late to make one.

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Domestica said...

Your mom has to be proud - I"m proud for her. We sell posters gratis for a MS Bike Team/Poster Show, Screens N Spokes. One of the founders has MS + each year they ride, but they also get pretty well-known gig poster artists to create limited edition bike-themed posters for a show + eventual nation-wide sale. We sell a lot of them and all the money goes to MS research thru places like the MS Society. This year, DeMo's own Basemint Design's doing a poster - so excited!

I love your blog and love these very personal and inspiring posts - tell your mom thanks!