November 10, 2011

Recent Reads

I recently went through our bookcase and was overwhelmed by all of the books I have purchased over the last few years. Usually its a better mix or buying and borrowing, but I've found myself purchasing more book club books than I'd like to. So, I'm looking into reading some book club picks on the iPad and donating a whole bunch to Planned Parenthood for their books sale fundraiser.

Two books I am keeping are my most recent reads.

Decoded by Jay-Z. Anthony bought this for me for my birthday and I just dug into it recently. I challenge you to come up with another artists who has thought, and recorded in a book, so thoughtfully about their art, the circumstances it comes from and what it means. You don't have to like rap music to appreciate this book.

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. I adored Bel Canto but hated the Magician's Assistant, so I was wary about reading another book by this author. I thought it was thoroughly engrossing and required some contemplation when I was done. My only critique is how abruptly the book came to an end.

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